Time to reclaim our secret ballot during elections

You have a legal and fundamental right to a secret ballot, enshrined in the elections act.  There is a good reason for a secret ballot, to prevent everything from reprisals, to intimidation, to the use of your vote to manipulate politics.  Perhaps it is high time the parties and pollsters respect your right to a secret ballot, to cease attempting to circumvent your right to a secret ballot.  This should be unlawful.  Parties use your vote before  elections, to attack opponents, to manipulate your attitudes, to making you a fundraising target, a directed advertising target,  or to even attempt to suppress voter turnout. Perhaps it is high time that WE REFUSE TO DIVULGE OUR VOTE to pollsters or parties, and tell them they are attempting to infringe on our legal right to a secret ballot by even asking.  Tell them you find the question offensive and undermining of basic democratic rights,  and refuse to answer their question.  REFUSE TO DIVULGE YOUR VOTE! PROTECT YOUR VOTE!