Canadians demand ethics in government

We have a serious crisis in government ethics today.  The Canadian Conservative government has fallen over unethical behavior. The government fell due to contempt of parliament and contempt of democracy. This is a shameful and disgraceful event in our politics. Never before has a government been so obstructive or disrespectful of democracy and Canadians.

I believe that the basic foundation of good government is public trust and confidence, and is built on strong and uncompromising values.  This is sadly
lacking in the present government.  Political values and behavior in Canada has degenerated to the point where Canadians are fed up and are disengaging just when it is most important that they be involved.   Ethics is an emerging word in the politics of Canada and in the expectations of voters.  Ethics is about right and wrong and good human values”.

We were once a country highly respected for our commitment to human rights in Canada and around the world.  This respect is gone. The ethical lapses of this government are sickening.  Amnesty International has just released a report in March 2011 which is a scathing indictment of Canada’s human rights performance and agenda, both domestically and internationally.  This is not a reputation that Canadians want.  Politics in Canada must change.

The ethical lapses are beyond belief.  Obstructing parliament is wrong. The refusal to provide parliament with F-35 and crime costs is wrong.  Avoiding accountability for torture of detainees in Afghanistan is wrong. The related character assignation of former Ambassador Colvin was wrong.  The refusal to repatriate Omar Khadr from Guantanamo was wrong. The unbelievable opposition to the UN Declaration of Indigenous rights was wrong.   Proroguing parliament for the last election was wrong. Canada is heavily criticized for obstructing global environmental initiatives. This is unbelievable.  This must change! The loss of the recent Security Council seat is a massive international statement of the lack of trust the global community has of Canada.  This must change! Investigations into Conservative election campaign spending.  The G20 fiasco. The census issue. The list is endless.  We have not seen the last of contempt charges if politicians do not change their values and behavior.

This 41st Election is a call for accountability.  It is time for change.  The ballot box is where it matters and where Canadians can hold the government accountable.  The ballot box is where you can elect strong voices for values and ethics to parliament. We need the voices of a new politics, a politics of cooperation,
compromise, courtesy and collaboration.  We need voices that put people first.   I commit to being be a strong voice for accountability and ethics if elected to parliament.   This is about  all Canadians  demanding a  new honest and responsible politics.


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