* Canadians and Torture in Afghanistan – Nov 2009 version

 Once again, it appears the truth has a curious way of not staying quiet. The disturbing part of this is the character and credibility assassination of a respected diplomat by the government, instead of just dealing with the facts. Witness the comments on the subject by McKay, (“dupe of the Taliban” comment), MP Laurie Hawn, and former General Hillier (the “murderers and scumbags” comment. What message does that send to our troops about how we should treat or care about these people?). We have seen all this before! Does anyone remember Somalia and the shameful treatment that was accorded Dr Armstrong by the military? We all know how that ended, and that was badly for the government. The truth is out there, with the many soldiers that handled prisoners, with the Canadian Military Police involved, with the military intelligence community interacting with Afghan prison staff,  in witness accounts, and in the endless conversations, meetings, memos and files that go with all this. One thing I know from personal experience is that we have many honorable soldiers in the military and the truth will be told at some point and accountability served.

Closure means all parties (victims, offenders, institutions, governments) acknowledging the truth, accepting responsibility for their actions, and making appropriate restitution. The ethic of justice – YES. The ethic of care for victims – ALWAYS!

Message to all concerned, “the truth will set you free.”


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