A voice in federal politics from Ottawa Orleans

We are speaking to a parliament that does not understand that its role is to govern for all Canadians and the need to change their culture of corrosive self interest.

  • Canadians have had enough.
  • Canadians are waking up to the reality that big change is needed.

I believe that there are many voices of Ottawa Orleans that speak strongly for:

  • A sustainable community for Orleans
  • Responsible and honest government
  • Rebuilding our international reputation for peace and human values


It is time for accountability. It is time for dialogue and action on:

What a sustainable community means to us. To quote Margret Wheatley “There is no power greater for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about”. This is about how we can work together for a transit system that meets our needs, for local jobs, for the wellbeing of families.

What a responsible government means to us. It means above all ethics and integrity and accountability. It means respect for democracy. It means a new politics of cooperation, compromise, courtesy and collaboration. It means building an economy that has a future. Why were we one of the last countries to approve the UN declaration of Indigenous rights, and then to marginalize it? This is about respect for First Nations and Canadians.

What our international reputation for peace means to us. We need to regain our reputation for leadership and taking our place in the international community in a way that we can be proud. The massive erosion of our reputation as good international citizens is disgraceful. What did we do in Libya and Afghanistan? What are we doing on Iraq? Are we doing the right things? The loss of the Security Council seat was a massive international statement of the lack of trust the global community now has of us. We are criticized for obstructing global environmental initiatives. This is unbelievable and not who we are as Canadians.

We believe that if parliament can get the ethics right, then all other issues have a great chance of being dealt with fairly and respectful of the highest human values.   It is time to listen to Canadians and engage the hard questions.

In the cause of responsible government.

Paul Maillet

Ottawa Orleans


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