* AFGHANISTAN! Whither Canada?

The Ottawa “group of four” greens   (Akbar Manoussi,  Paul Maillet, Sylvie Lemieux, Qais Ghanem)  held an  evening on the subject of Canada’s future in the Afghanistan crisis, at this critical decision year for the Canadian government.  

The event was entitled  AFGHANISTANWhither Canada?   Human Tragedy versus Canadian Values.

 As Canada is at a critical decision point regarding its involvement in Afghanistan, we invited a  panel of experts from diplomatic, military, and academic communities to reflect on the human and political crisis in Afghanistan, and to reflect on Canada’s future involvement in this region.    The panel included the following:

 His Excellency Jawed Ludin – Ambassador of Afghanistan to Canada.

 Paul Maillet, Colonel (retired) – Former Director of Defence Ethics, Department of National Defence.

 Professor  Nasir Islam – Specialist in Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs.  University of Ottawa.

 Professor  Nipa Banerjee – Head of Canada’s Aid Program in Kabul 2003-2006.  University of Ottawa.  

 Professor Akbar Manoussi – Specialist in Middle East and Iranian Affairs. Carleton University

The evening  was held at St Paul’s University (223 Main Street Ottawa) – in the Auditorium Room 203 on 2 Feb 2010.  The event was a success with rich and diverse voices being heard.  The underlying consensus was in the suffering of war, the plight of women, the challenges of development, that much of what can be accomplished by regional neighbors.  It was clear that Canada needs to cease its combat role in Afghanistan and adopt a more neutral, diplomatic, and development oriented posture in the region.  

In the cause of peace by the  Green Party of Canada (GPC) – Ottawa Group of Four

Sylvie Lemieux GPC Nominated Candidate Glengarry Prescott Russell

Paul Maillet GPC Nominated Candidate Ottawa Orleans

Qais Ghanem GPC Nominated Candidate Ottawa South

Akbar Manoussi GPC President Electoral District Association Ottawa Vanier


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