Our Vision for Orleans

We care!  We stand for the future.   We work for you. We work for your grandchildren.   We work for all Canadians. We work for the global community.

Canadian concerns with environmental, economic and integrity issues are growing. However, to accomplish this we must be credible to the voters as a party involved, capable, informed and interested in all parts of government.

We believe that our party includes the diverse constituencies we have in our riding.  We think we have a huge opportunity with business and corporate Canada to leverage emerging social responsibility concepts (sustainable economy, societal beneficence, environment and integrity in governance).  To all of our diverse cultural and ethnic communities we offer shared values regarding the land, and values to seek better harmony with nature.  To all our residents, we offer to work towards a better quality of life, health, education and jobs.  We are dedicated to the ethic of care in foreign affairs.  WE CARE!

In order to reach all the languages, the ethnic backgrounds, the cultures and diversity that exists here in the riding, we have a community of people with shared values and issues, and who do have the status and credibility to act in partnership with the citizens of Orleans.  This partnership will  continue to grow indefinitely.

Our Values

  • Ecological Wisdom We acknowledge that human beings are part of the natural world and we respect the specific values of all forms of life, including non-human species.
  • Social Justice We assert that the key to social justice is the equitable distribution of resources to ensure that all have full opportunities for personal and social development.
  • Participatory Democracy We strive for a democracy in which all citizens have the right to express their views, and are able to directly participate in decisions which affect their lives.
  • Non-Violence We declare our commitment to non-violence and strive for a culture of peace and cooperation between states.
  • Sustainability We recognize the scope for the material expansion of society within the biosphere, and the need to maintain biodiversity through use of renewable resources.
  • Respect for Diversity We honour and value equally the Earth’s biological and ecological diversity together with the cultural, linguistic, ethnic, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity.

Our Platform Key Points

  • Integrity: Accountable government, to bring integrity back to public office.
  • Environment: Protecting the environment. Clean air, soil and water as a basic right for all Canadians.
  • Strong Economy: Developing a strong, sustainable economy.
  • Quality of life: Improving the quality of life in our community.
  • Good government: To govern for all Canadians
  • Global citizenship: To care for all people

Our Ethical Values

  • Compassion, integrity, fairness and respect.
  • Accountability, equality and justice.
  • Diversity, tolerance,

Our Vision

  1. A sustainable Canada
  2. A healthy Canada
  3. A renewed democracy
  4. A sustainable fiscal framework
  5. A safe, healthy, caring and prosperous world

What we want to achieve for our community.

We want to represent our constituents and to govern Canada in a manner that reflects the highest ethical standards while promoting our environmental and economic agendas.  To do this we embrace sustainability. To do this we seek to create a government and good governance that embraces both organizational ethics and social responsibility. We seek to speak the languages of our diverse community constituents and seek to create a common ground.

  • Our legacy will be clean air, clean water, and sound values.
  • We believe in social responsibility, sustainable economy, a healthy environment and integrity in government.
  • We believe in the quality of life in our community.

Communicating our ideals has its benefits, but the community needs to know and understand the practical ideas and activities we have to achieve what we promise.

  • We will bring voice and influence to bear in government, particularly if a minority government occurs.
  • We can and will act as a strong and persistent voice for the triple bottom line –particularly when the government faces decisions and policy development.
  • We will govern fairly and honestly for all Canadians.
  • We will represent constituency interests at the federal level to the extent we can.
  • We will seek to deliver on this Platform.

To get elected, we have a number of aims:

  • To solicit votes to bring our values and the voice of integrity, environment and economy to government.
  • Win or lose, to raise the consciousness of the community with respect to linking ethics, the environment and sustainable economic practices.
  • To engage in dialogue with the constituents, to listen, and encourage engagement now.

We guarantee that we will act with dignity as parliamentarians.  Success is not defined by any specific achievement at the polls, but by the fact that we are making a difference and that awareness and action is heading in the right direction. It is the people who will eventually achieve the results.  The task is for all generations, present and future.


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