An election survey response by Paul Maillet

Name, party and riding:

Paul Maillet – Green Party of Canada – Riding Ottawa Orleans

Your Background: This is the second time I have run as a green party candidate in this riding.  I have lived in Orleans for over 17 years.  I am a retired military
Colonel with 33 years experience as an Air Force aerospace engineer and was the Director of Defence Ethics after the tragic Somalia affair.  Since 2001, I have developed a successful consultancy in ethics and governance relating to controlling wrongdoing and building integrity in Canadian federal government departments, aboriginal communities and international projects.  This election is about contempt for democracy, and I have considerable experience in
controlling corruption in government.

What are your reasons for running? The reason for this election is the ethical misconduct of the government.  I bring over 13 years experience in the field
of government ethics and feel I can be a strong and uncompromising voice on this issue.  If we can get the ethics right then all other issues become easy.

What are your riding’s biggest needs? Orleans is about 35,000 households and the business of Orleans is families.  We generally live in Orleans and work
elsewhere.  The local issues are improving transit, bringing jobs into the community and the quality of life of our residents.  We will be a strong voice for Orleans.

However, the community is concerned with both national and global issues and the place of Canada.  The government fell due to unethical behavior and people want honest government.  If we get the ethics right, all else will be dealt with fairly. I will work every day for accountability and towards a new politics of cooperation, compromise, courtesy and collaboration.

Canada has suffered a massive blow to its  reputation for peace, human rights and the environment.  I will work to rebuild our leadership and international
reputation for peace and human values.
We were one of the last countries to approve the UN declaration of Indigenous rights, and then not take it seriously.  The loss of the Security Council seat is a massive international statement of the lack of trust the global community now has of us. We are criticized for obstructing global environmental initiatives. This is unbelievable and not who we are as Canadians.

Why should voters vote for you?   I have the experience to be a strong voice for the local, national and international concerns we have in Orleans.  I am a long
time resident here and we are blessed with a wonderful community and a great place to raise families and I will work to make it even better.  My background in ethics in government is uniquely situated to deal with the corrosive and disrespectful climate of contempt and obstruction that currently exists in parliament.  My international experience will make Orleans a strong voice and contributor to the relief of suffering and reduction of conflict in the Mideast.

What brought about your reason for running in the upcoming election? My experience in government, my belief in strong values, the care for others above all and my belief that I can make a real difference for the better, led me to run in this election for the second time.  I am deeply concerned that democracy is at risk in Canada.

Tell our readers one thing they would be surprised to know about you: I enjoy the arts, and for over twenty years, am a visual artist, painting in acrylics.  I was a former Chairman of the Board of the Gloucester Arts Council, and former member of Arteast.  I won first prize in acrylics/oils in the Gloucester 10th Juried Art and Photo Exhibition in 1991.


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