About Us

Hello World

Welcome to our blog and web site.  Welcome to Ottawa Orleans Canada, a very vibrant, family-oriented and beautiful community along the Ottawa River.  We are a growing and green constituency, who think and act locally, nationally and globally.    As the saying goes “there is no force stronger for change in a community as when it discovers what it cares about.”  This website  is designed as a community forum, to discover ourselves and to discover what we care about.   We want to hear your views and we enjoy a lively debate.   I very much look forward to a respectful dialogue with anyone who shares my values and interests or just wants to debate issues, raise concerns or just ask questions.

Our slogan is WE CARE – AVEC COEUR. I believe in this as I feel it represents hope in a world so beset by suffering and poverty and in our community with such a potential to make a difference.   To paraphrase Mother Teresa – We may not all be able to do the great things, but we can always do the small things with great love.

With sincere hopes for the future;

Paul Maillet

Email:  pmaillet@magma.ca

Tel: 613 841 9216.

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