Do we share values, aspirations, maybe our view of the future?  Endorsements are greatly appreciated.  People who care are the future of all of us.

” Without reservation, I endorse Paul Maillet for his federal candidacy in Ottawa Orleans.   Paul Maillet’s strength of character, his unmatched expertise in Professional Ethics, and his selfless service to his community, and to his country over an exemplary military career, would make him a fine representative of Ottawa Orleans.  I feel certain that he is the sole viable candidate to bring about the ethical reorientation we so desperately need at this time in history if we are to realize peace and justice not solely in our community, but in our country and the world.”   Dr Wendy C. Hamblet University Professor in Philosophy and Ethics.

“Je vous souhaite bon courage pour mener à bien votre campagne et pour votre élection au parlement. Nous avons besoin de gens intègres et de bonne expérience.”  Shodja Ziaian

I checked out your blog. I think it is well put together and well written.  Strong and clear, but not combative in tone.”   Paula B.

Congrats, Paul!  The website looks great.  I hope to see you blogging away on Green issues :)”    Camille Labchuk

“Paul, the website looks great!  I love the content also!”  France L.

“Excellent, excellent Paul. I am reading these emails with great admiration for your approach.  Going forward with action is how all matters should be looked at.   Thanks for sharing.”   Diane D.

“Paul.  This is a fantastic analysis, so well written and so well reasoned. It is absolutely congruent with my own thoughts on this issue. May I publish it on my website dialoguewithdiversity? “  Dr Qais Ghanem (Regarding Iran and Nuclear Weapons article).

“Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!”  Dennis Vega

OUR GREEN COMMITMENT.    Submitted by Don Rawls on 29 September 2009 – 12:13pm.  Well done! The difference is clear. What a wonderful statement of values clearly and eloquently stated. I cannot see why all Green Candidates and EDA’s should not adopt this. I congratulate and thank “The Group of 4” on developing and committing to this statement.  Would that all our MP’s strive towards such values. Well done!

OUR GREEN COMMITMENT. “I heartily endorse this Paul. Thanks for making such an articulate statement for our Party. Regards,” Debborah Donnelly (St. Paul’s)

“I enjoy reading Paul Maillet’s view on Canada’s defense policy, his background is truly an asset to our party”. Jean-Luc Cooke


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