* Time for a new breed of green municipal candidates

A quick  look at various candidate platforms, reveals that candidates often define  themselves by taking positions on various issues.  Issues are one thing, but values are another, so is an overarching “people first” vision for the community and the city.  Some of the stances are not always consistent with a vision of a socially responsible government, i.e., integrity in governance, environmental responsibility, economic sustainability and societal beneficence.

 A subway or no subway downtown?  There is no city in the world that does not gravitate towards underground city core subways as growth occurs.  It is expensive to start, but the alternative is eventual gridlock and pollution. 

 More and wider highways?  Widening the 174 will only contribute toward more congestion and pollution and more incentive to take cars into the city.  A Los Angeles style freeway from Orleans or Kanata we do not want or need.  A tough problem no doubt, but mass transit has to become significantly cheaper and quicker than car transit.

 I think what we need are strong green councilors at city hall and all that this means in terms of social responsibility.  Perhaps the time is right for this.  It may be the advantage that distinguishes winning candidates from other candidates.  

best of luck


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