Canada responds to Libya

We need just peace tradition before just war tradition.   We need to develop a non-violent response to conflict as an alternative and  precursor to military responses.  R2P, Responsibility to Protect, needs a community of practice and legal framework similar to the laws of armed conflict.

There is no doubt that the recent Canadian decision to extend its mission represented a lost opportunity for Canada to seriously consider to discontinuing Canada’s involvement in the bombing and reshape our response to the better relief of suffering and to the reduction of conflict.   Where was Canadian leadership in the development of practices and response to the R2P “responsibility to protect” doctrine that better reflects the intent of the UN mandate.   It was a mandate to PROTECT, to stop the violence,  to care for those suffering.   This means neutrality, the creation of safe spaces and  eventual reconciliation or justice.  This means  soldiers and sharing the risk.   The care for others above all.

We need to reclaim our reputation for leadership in the world and the two Nobel peace prizes we share for peacekeeping.

Paul Maillet


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