* Politics has to change – Why we are different

 There is no doubt that current political culture as practiced in Parliament, in attack ads, and in public debate, is disturbing to most Canadians. Surely we can do far better than this. There is a growing assertion in the Green Party that if we say we are different, that we must be different, and if we advocate political reform, then we must practice what we preach. I believe it useful to evolve a clear commitment to Canadians of what it means to be different, be articulate about exactly what this means, to strive to practice what we preach every day, to be willing to be held accountable to this commitment, and to promote it strongly within party governance and our relationships.

Our Green Commitment

to our Ridings, Our Party, to Canadians and the Global Community

· We are a values-based party. We are committed to a new era of true values-based politics. Strong ethical values and our green values of Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice Participatory Democracy, Non-Violence, Sustainability and Respect for Diversity guide our behavior and our place in public debate, and we take them very seriously. We do not condone or tolerate discourse of even a potentially hateful, violent or disrespectful nature.

· We are a full spectrum party with a particular strength in environmental issues. We have a diverse, rich, respected and strong professional depth in our Green Party membership in all facets of government and international issues will take full advantage of their counsel, their voice and expertise.

· We believe in parliamentary evolution and reform. Canadians expect parliamentarians to govern for all Canadians. A new era of cooperative government and alliances that better reflects and represents the political, ethnic, language and gender diversity of Canada is our future. We will seek to set this example in our party governance and operating structure, that it reflects the diversity of Canadians and the full spectrum of government and Canadian interests from international affairs to health care.

· We will be civil, respectful and courteous in relationships among ourselves and with other parties. We will practice a high level of decorum as your voice both in and out of Parliament. We will set the example for integrity as expected from Canadians in our external and internal political behaviors. Power is not everything. Making a difference, contributing, and the ethic of caring is our priority.

· We will maintain a healthy balance between being in continuous election politics; and being an effective, contributing and active force in the political issues of the day. We will engage issues of importance and make a difference now.

· We will not wait to be elected to be strong and engaged part of the Canadian polity. We receive public funding and represent the vote of about a million Canadians and will strongly represent these voters and their values and issues now.

Endorsed by: The Ottawa Group of 4: Paul Maillet (Ottawa Orleans), Sylvie Lemieux (Glengarry Prescott Russell), Akbar Manoussi (Ottawa Vanier), Qais Ghanem (Ottawa South).   Jonathan Lumer, (Pierrefonds-Dollard, Quebec), Debborah Donnelly, (St. Paul’s)

If you also wish to be listed as endorsing or supporting this, please contact us?


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